Branding, Layout, Illustration & Typography


High school students coming into university don’t seem to know what to expect when starting their classes. Additionally, many students don’t apply to the engineering department due to their lack of confidence and knowledge about their options. The purpose of this boot camp is to encourage young people to explore STEM fields and give them conf-idence to create new things. The Invention Boot Camp has been in business for less than a year, with the pilot course beginning in the summer of 2016. The camp will give 25 motivated students a chance to hone their design, creative, and critical thinking skills. 


Most camps are only hands-on with no real engineering tools. Invention Boot Camp intends to facilitate a hands-on interaction with the technologies used in the prototyping process as well as the technical and entre-preneurial skills needed to support their inventions. The purpose of this camp is to get students excited about engineering and STEM programs; it should be fun, exciting, and engaging. This program instills confidence in their knowledge of engineering and entrepreneurial fields. Fresh branding helps create a fun and approachable science program.