My name is Sam Hicks and I am a visual designer in the MFA studio practice program at Portland State. My work is a direct response to how I, a trans man, navigate and understand a world that is not intended for me. I use light, digital technologies and physical modes of making to create work that challenges the binary and speaks to identity, existence and space making. I use bright colors, bold patterning and shifting colors in my work as a way to project my sense of joy and hopefulness into the world.

Dot Dot Dash

This series of work is acrylic on raw un-stretched canvas. The patterns painted reflect an altered version of morse code. 

We ARE at War


Imaginary Spaces

This piece is acrylic on raw un-stretched canvas. Patterns and animations were created using Processing and projected and mapped onto the canvas.

Imaginary Spaces

66in x 60in

Trans as Monstrous

This series of work is made out of polymer clay, wire and tinfoil. These monsters are my commentary on pop cultures depiction of trans people as monstrous. 

Specimen One